Trademark Law (2013) 

Trademark Law Implementing Regulations (2002) (New regulations in English are not yet available on line)
中华人民共和国商标法实施条例 (2014)

SPC Interpretation of the Issues Relating to Jurisdiction over and Scope of Application of Law to the Hearing of Trademark Cases (21 Jan 2002) 

SPC Interpretation of the Issues Relating to Application of Law to Pre-trial Cessation of Acts of Infringement of Exclusive Right to Use Trademarks and to Evidence Preservation (22 Jan 2002)

SPC Interpretation on the Application of Law in Trial of Civil Trademark Dispute Cases (16 Oct 2002)

Provisions of the SPC on issues Concerning the Trial of Cases of Civil Disputes over Conflicts between Registered Trademark or Enterprise Name and Prior Right (1 March 2008)

Opinions of SPC on the handling of IP cases in the current economic situation (21April 2009 - paras 5-12 in particular relate to trademarks)

SPC Interpretation of Several Issues Concerning the Application of the Law to the Trial of Civil Dispute Cases Involving Well-Known Trademarks (1 May 2009) 

SPC Opinions on Several Issues relating to Handling Administrative Cases Relating to the Grant and Confirmation of Trademark Rights (26 Apr 2010) (Subscription site)